Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


  • What are credits?
    Credits serve as the virtual currency within the SwiftSherpas platform, enabling you to take various actions and access special features. They are the keys to a more enriched experience within the system.
  • What can I do with credits?
    • Messaging: Spend 1 credit to send approximately 25 messages.
    • Code Reviews: 10 credits are required for each code review.
    • Multiple Choice Questions: 1 credit allows you to answer 10 multiple-choice questions.
    • Quests: Use 2 credits to reveal 9 potential quests, categorized into 3 easy, 3 medium, and 3 hard quests. You select one to answer and get a graded score on.
  • How do I earn credits?
    As of now, credits can only be purchased directly through the settings page using a credit card. In the future, we plan to introduce new ways to earn credits by completing specific actions within the platform.
  • Future Payment Options
    We are working on implementing Monero (XMR) as an accepted payment method for purchasing credits. Stay tuned for updates!

Code Reviews

  • What is a code review?
    A code review is a thorough evaluation of your submitted code by our expert mentors. We scrutinize your code for bugs, performance issues, memory leaks, and adherence to best practices. You can submit a single file containing up to 5000 characters.
  • How do I request a code review?
    Navigate to the 'Code Reviews' tab on your dashboard, click the + in the top right and follow the on-screen instructions to submit your code. You can also include specific questions or comments you have about the code you're submitting.
  • What happens after I submit my code?
    You will receive an email notification when your code is under review and another one once the review is complete. You can then access a comprehensive analysis provided by our Swift Sherpa.
  • Can I discuss the review further?
    Absolutely! If you have additional questions or need clarification, you can click a convenient button to bring the code review into our messaging platform for further discussion.

Mentor Messaging

  • How do I message a mentor?
    Navigate to the 'Mentor Messaging' tab on your dashboard to initiate a chat.
  • What is the cost of messaging?
    Messaging costs 1 credit for a bundle of approximately 25 messages. If you don't have any credits, you will receive a prompt informing you when you attempt to send a message.
  • How do I enable messaging?
    If you have sufficient credits, messaging will automatically be enabled when you attempt to send your first message. A snackbar notification will appear to inform you that a messaging credit has been used.
  • What can I discuss with my mentor?
    Feel free to ask any questions or share comments about code, quizzes, or the iOS ecosystem. This feature allows for extended context around our quizzes and code reviews, should you wish to dive deeper.


  • What are the quizzes like?
    Our quizzes consist of 10 random multiple-choice questions pulled from 18 different iOS categories and concepts. These questions may include code examples to challenge your understanding.
  • How do I take a quiz?
    To start a quiz, you'll need to spend one credit. Once initiated, you'll have access to the set of 10 questions until you complete them.
  • What happens if I answer incorrectly?
    If you answer a question incorrectly, the question will remain in your quiz set, giving you an opportunity to study and gain better understanding of the topic.
  • What happens when I answer all questions correctly?
    Once you correctly answer all questions, your quiz set will empty. To receive a new set of questions, you'll need to spend another credit.
  • How frequently are new questions added?
    We are constantly expanding our database of questions. If you take 10 questions a day, you would exhaust our current list in approximately 46 days.


  • What are quests?
    Quests are coding challenges that include a specific prompt and a coding starting point. You'll be graded on a scale of 0-100 upon completion.
  • How do I start a quest?
    Navigate to the 'Quests' tab on your dashboard to view available quests. You can unlock a set of 9 random challenges—3 easy, 3 medium, and 3 hard—by spending 2 credits.
  • What types of challenges are available?
    Challenges span multiple categories, including data structures and algorithms, MVVM architecture problems, and even practice code reviews. Each set contains challenges categorized as easy, medium, or hard.
  • How many quests can I submit?
    You can submit one quest out of the available 9 in each set. Once submitted, that specific quest won't reappear for you. If you wish to attempt more quests, you'll need to spend another 2 credits to unlock an additional set of 9 challenges.


  • What is the leaderboard?
    The leaderboard displays the top 100 accounts based on their total points accumulated through quizzes and quests.
  • How are points earned?
    You can earn points in two ways: quizzes and quests. In quizzes, answering a question correctly earns you 2 points, while an incorrect answer deducts 1 point. Completing quests will add to your point total based on the grade you receive.
  • Can my score go negative?
    No, your total score cannot go below zero. If you get questions wrong in quizzes, the lowest possible score you can have is zero.